Apes On Tapes, Lommel.


I mix at home where I have my toys. The studio is built around a wonderful Harrison 4032c console! 

Live sound

I'm a touring sound engineer for Wiegedood, Oathbreaker, The Blackheart Rebellion...

Get in touch if you need a live engineer! I'm open to all kinds of music.

Reena Riot, AB club. ©(pb) fotografie


Whether it's in a studio or a warehouse... We can work pretty much anywhere. I can help you decide on where to record according to the songs, acoustics and budget. Or maybe you already have this crazy location in mind? I'm currently building my studio at home where I'm planning to record and mix in the near future. Stay tuned! 


I have a mobile Protools rig and a bunch of vintage and newer mic pre's and microphones that I carry around.

Apes On Tapes, Lommel